Affiliates - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is the umbrella body for a number of affiliate organisations:

MyChoice Australia: MyChoice is Australia's leading anti-nanny state organisation, and is dedicated to fighting for individual freedom and personal responsibilities!

Free Speech Australia: Formed in response to the Federal Government's attack on free speech through media censorship and regulation, as well as the proposed anti-discrimination bill, Free Speech Australia is eternally vigilant in protecting and promoting our freedoms from government interference

Menzies House: Menzies House is Australia's number one non-partisan opinion website dedicated to promoting conservative, classical liberal, libertarian and centre-right authors.

Australian Libertarian Society: Founded in 2001, the Australian Libertarian Society has recently joined in partnership with the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance to promote the values of small government and free markets.

Liberty On The Rocks:  Liberty on the Rocks Australia as the centre of the centre-right social scene!  Part of a growing international movement, and with chapters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Liberty On The Rocks is Australia’s only regular nonpartisan social gathering of young centre-right professionals. Whether you work in politics or just have an avid interest, whether you consider yourself conservative, libertarian, classical liberal, or simply centre-right, or whether you’d simply wish to develop your professional networks, this is your opportunity to meet with like minded persons, develop your contacts, and have a good time!

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