Are Our Taxes Paying For The World’s Fattest Fat Cats?

Adam Creighton, writing in today’s Australian, reports on the obscene amounts of hard earned taxpayer funds paying for public service bureaucrats:

“The head of the Department of Climate Change — one of many departments of dubious value — is set to earn at least $700,000 a year by 2014, a 39 per cent pay rise in two years…The secretary of the Prime Minister’s department will get $825,000 a year, more than any other and a 50 per cent pay rise.

These increases are preposterous. For instance, the head of the US Treasury earns less than $200,000 a year and the Bank of England governor is paid about pound stg. 310,000 ($487,000). These are roles where the need to attract talent is surely at least as pressing…

The profusion of senior executive service personnel, the 2790 bureaucrats in Canberra who typically earn between $200,000 and $360,000 a year, is even starker. Their number remained broadly flat between 1984 and 2001, but since then their ranks have almost doubled. Entire suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne are paying tax to support these jobs.”

We decided to do a quick google search to compare the most recent salaries from some other politicians and bureaucrats in the US and UK to what is being proposed for our bureaucrats in 2014. Here are the results:

Name Job Country Salary ($AUD)
Bill Daley White House Chief of Staff USA $167,000
Tim Geithner Secretary of the Treasury USA $186,000
Ben Bernanke Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank USA $194,000
Gen. Martin Dempsey Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff USA $215,000
David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom UK $224,000
Jeremy Heywood Permenant Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office UK $244,000
Sir John Sawers Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service UK $268,000
Sir Gus O’Donnell Cabinet Secretary UK $376,000
Barack Obama President of the United States USA $390,000
Mervyn King Governor of the Bank of England UK $487,000
Blair Comley Secretary, Department of Climate Change Australia $700,000
Dr Paul Grimes Secretary Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population Australia $700,000
Dr Martin Parkinson Secretary of the Treasury Australia $805,000
Dr Ian Watt Secretary, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet Australia $825,000

This is a disgrace.

We will be publishing a more comprehensive list in the coming weeks.

8 Replies to "Are Our Taxes Paying For The World's Fattest Fat Cats? "

  • Rod Clark
    3 June, 2012 (5:28 am)

    Absolutely outrageous !!!

  • Anthony Cincotta
    4 June, 2012 (12:11 pm)

    This is yet another enditement of a government gone mad and further proof that all that is wrong with this country is over government and overpriced governmemt. While the cost of all imported items such as TV’s, white goods, clothing etc is constanly decreasing due to market forces everything government or pseudo government bodies in this country is constantly on the rise, from council rates, water charges from water corporations, to government charges, levies, taxes etc. and I for one think that we the sheople need to get just a little angry and present a more united front to have our voices heard. Of course they can afford to pay the head of the department for climate change such an extrordiary salary with the take from the incidious carbon tax as a result of thegreatest lie ever perpertrated on the people of Australia.

  • wilma
    4 June, 2012 (6:45 pm)

    Anna Bligh flooded the Public service just before the Queensland election renegotiating huge wages and redundancy packages. Her husband Greg Withers being the most infamous . As Gillard is doing the same we can take it that it is a deliberate strategy to bleed as much as possible from the tax payer and into Labor appointees pockets before the oncoming election. Politically motivated Greed.

  • Tony Ryan
    4 June, 2012 (10:31 pm)

    All these problems could be resolved if we abandoned this four decade-old practice of government by executive decree and returned to government guided by electorally-generated policy, as we experienced when candidates went door-to-door seeking to identify the ‘will of the people’ (as Arthur Chresby put it). What we are experiencing is a crisis of democracy, this being replaced by people like Rupert Murdoch and Frank Lowry, who are unelected and unaccountable, but owe total allegience to Zionist bankers of the Rothschild/Rockefeller alliance.

    Our view of electoral sentiment is clouded by the media owners, whose polls greatly distort what Aussies actually think. Our surveys of a proven demographic corridor reveal the disparity and show that an absolute majority of Australians want a return to protection of manufacturing and domestic food production, an end to incompatible migrant intake, and adoption of the century-long definition of unemployment that exposes the real level of unemployment as above 20%.

  • D D Casson
    6 June, 2012 (11:00 pm)

    If your figures are correct, and I’m not suggesting they aren’t, why isn’t this information being put out for all taxpayers to consider through our daily media services? This further highlights our federal government is not governing for the people, but simply lining the pockets of those heads of newly created Govt departments. A sceptic might say this is to ensure favourable public comments about Govt policy and actions to assist during an election campaign. Why should un-elected people with very little public scrutiny and accountability be given such generous remuneration of public funds when more working Australians are struggling to pay bills and put food on their tables.

  • Valerie
    12 June, 2012 (2:35 pm)

    Now didnt Fair Work do away with contracts like the ones seemingly they are using for public servants. Also why did they do away with the entrance exam?

    Labor has as usual cut down the budget for the military and raised the number of public servants and their salaries for upper bods and I do hope these are on PAYE but these days who knows – not us peons whose take at source is the majority of the revenue collected. Howard said in 1996 – 800 people who had not put in a tax return in years mainly barristers and lawyers, Did they get sorted?
    Do people like the late Kerry Packer now pay more than $10 a year in income tas over a 3 yer period legally minimizing – best thing this government has done – only thing worth while is raising the tax free threshold to $18,000pa – been far too low for 40 years I have been here was $4000 back then. If the Coalition does win next time – and we can only hope the morons dont go voting Labor again after being given a bit of cash – he can keep it or even raise it by putting every person who draws down a salary or fee on PAYE and let them all put in a return at years end to get back the legal allowances like the rest of us – that would bring in so much money we may even then qualify for being known now falsly as the wealthy country. No wealthy people in the queue for hips and other operations nor staying in bed as cant afford to heat the house. Maybe all should get on a boat and be taken to CI for the life of luxury in comparison.

  • Mal
    7 May, 2013 (5:19 pm)

    The head of the US Federal Reserve ( Ben Bernanke ) is not a US govt official, he represents a PRIVATE bank ( U.S Federal Reserve ).
    Our Reserve Bank is also PRIVATELY owned and as such “officials” representing them are employed by the banks, not us, we get the privilege of borrowing money from them in return for our tax dollars and it also reduces the amount of bombs that fall on your country if you give up your economy to the central banks.
    As far as I know only North Korea, Cuba and Syria ( soon to join the club) are not in the debt based central bank system.
    I am dubious about this site, since searching the RBA on it shows no information.
    A history of why we pay taxes and the relationship to central banking is a massive omission here.

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