Cut Green Tape: ATA Parliamentary Submission

Duplicate green tape regulations are costing Aussie businesses $427 million every year without improving environmental standards. Our parliamentary submission recommends streamlining regulations to meet these standards without imposing unfair costs on our businesses.

To maintain high environmental standards, state and federal EPA bodies design many regulations that must be met by Aussie businesses. These range from careful waste disposal, pollution management and even radiation exposure. While these rules generally facilitate a clean and sustainable economy, there are a growing number of green tape regulations that are costing Aussie taxpayers and businesses millions of dollars without contributing to improved environmental outcomes.

In a recent inquiry examining the efficacy of current environmental laws around assessment and approvals, Australian Taxpayers' Alliance Research Associate Brendon Zhu recommends adopting a One Stop Shop policy in this parliamentary submission. This approach would mean that businesses only have to wait for approval from the state government, rather than waiting on both state and federal governments, to action an initial business proposal. By removing this duplicate environmental procedure, businesses will save:

  • $9 million in administrative costs of filling out out one less application
  • $417 million in the reduced time waiting for legal approval to start construction

These whopping savings amass to $426 million dollars annually, allowing Aussie businesses to become more productive, hire more people and set aside funds for innovation in their initial stages of growth.

Most importantly, these savings do not hinder environmental standards but improve them. The One Stop Shop policy allows federal environmental agencies to spend valuable time and resources on more important activities that deliver tangible improvements in environmental protection.

The ATA supports legislative changes to reduce the dual process for environmental approvals in line with streamlining current regulations, reducing costs for Aussie businesses and allowing regulators to undertake more activities that will improve environmental outcomes.

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