ATA to Appear at Free Speech Rally in Melbourne on the 24th February

The Australian Taxpayers Alliance would like to invite you to the Free Speech Rally outside the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne at 1 pm on the 24th of February.

Our Director of Policy, Satya, will be joined by other speakers to discuss the challenges that Free Speech faces in Australia – including legislation such as Section 18C and calls for new crackdowns on free speech from the political correctness-driven establishment.

We are joined for this event by:

  • Andie Moore from the Australian Libertarian Society
  • Tim Wilms from The Unshackled
  • Magnus O'Mallon from the Australian Freedom of Speech Movement
  • Nathaniel England from the Australian Freedom of Speech Movement

Freedom of Speech is a vital part of our democracy. The ATA has previously appeared at Parliamentary Inquiries into human rights to defend free speech. At a time when politicians including Labor MP, Anne Aly are calling for an extension of laws that punish 'offensive speech' to extend to offending people on the basis of religion - potentially penalising blasphemy, fighting for this cornerstone of our society's healthy and robust political discourse is more important than ever. 

We hope that you will join us on the 24th to help support a worthy cause.

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