The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA), a 75,000+ member national grassroots advocacy group representing the nation’s taxpayers, today announced its submission to the WA Legislative Council Inquiry into Personal Choice and Community Safety in which it called for an end to laws that unduly limit personal choice and harm businesses across the state.

“Restrictive rules which make it difficult to start a business, prevent cigarette smokers from accessing safer alternatives like vapes and mandatory bike helmet laws unduly limit personal choice while delivering perverse outcomes for public safety and health.” Said Satya Marar, ATA Director of Policy.

“Our research shows that vaping restrictions are driving smoking-related mortality and discouraging smoking cessation by ignoring international best practice in the UK. Public Health England recommends these devices as a proven 95% safer alternative for smokers struggling to quit. Western Australian vapers are instead treated like criminals who face a whopping $45,000 fine just for obtaining nicotine through safer and healthier means than legal tobacco cigarettes.

“Similarly, evidence from WA and New Zealand show that mandatory bike helmets have undermined public health and the environment by discouraging people from cycling.

“Meanwhile, a draconian licensing regime and trading restrictions on bars, clubs and liquor stores, are seriously damaging small business while depriving youths of job opportunities and denying responsible drinkers a good time. We commend the McGowan government for taking positive steps to cut red tape in this space. However, perverse rulings against new liquor outlets by the Department of Racing, Gambling & Liquor, and misguided calls for an alcohol price floor which will hurt responsible consumers, show that there is more work to be done.”

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