Bacon Is A Human Right

We heard and before and we're hearing it again; nanny state extremism gone wild to the point of taxing one the greatest gifts to mankind - bacon.

The criminals who intend to legislate this are masked in "environmental" and "health" concerns. The ridiculousness of their proposal is evident in the very first line of their argument: "Taxes are like spinach. You might not like them, but they are good for you."

It then proceeds to pretend to care about our health "those ribs might send you faster to the grave ... and to a premature death." If, and only if this is true, this is still completely and utterly irrelevant to my food choices I make as an individual. As Roy Hobbs shows us, It Wasn't Worth It, Says 103 Year Old Vegan. Living with a sense of regret, he says “I am old now, and frankly it is s**t. But it’s too late to eat a steak because I have no teeth."

Alas, the real agenda of the left is revealed later in the article "We’re not thinking only about you, either. We’re thinking of the climate." It then somehow justifies a tax on bacon by complaining about the "level of methane of cows, pigs and other livestock that are responsible for 14.5% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions." If this is such an important issue worth addressing, then surely we are doing the planet a favour by eating them?

They have failed of course, to address what is perhaps the most important component of this proposal; how and where it will affect the poorest consumers. You know, the every day working people who are out of touch with the latest organic hipster cafes and must instead purchase supermarket food sold at the cheapest prices. The economic data proves that 'sin taxes' hurt the poor the most; their main impact is to "shrink consumers’ discretionary budgets, forcing households to reduce their expenditures on all budgeted consumption items, whether taxed or untaxed."

Whilst taxing cigarettes or alcohol is bad, a tax on bacon is a tax on food. Of course, this won't affect those who make the legislation, they are too busy taking the moral high ground within their comfortable lifestyle to recognize how this will affect the lives of the poor. What they either ignore of fail to understand is that this directly undermines the UN's proposition that food is a human right. By extension, this includes the right of all people to eat bacon, one of the best tasting food on the planet.




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