But without government, who will fund the arts?

Today the government has been asked to bail out the Australian film industry.

The annual film festival Tropfest has been cancelled for irresponsible financial management that has led to a "discrepancy of 6 figures in the festival's finances."

Yet somehow the logical solution is for "the government to help save the event" according to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley. He talks about today as "a sad day for the Arts," quite unaware how much sadder it would be to reward failed management that would make the Arts industry even less competitive.

Criticism of the decision to cancel has come amid "direct anger at capitalism" and "reduced funding for the Arts since the Federal Budget." This goes against the facts as Tropfest's mismanagement has been ongoing for the past 23 years.

Evidently the last thing Tropfest's finance team needs is more funding; the question is not about having more money but the ability to manage it wisely.

Some have taken the better route, calling for "big festivals to rethink their strategy with the evolution of social media."  The biggest problem in the Arts Industry is an inability to innovate, a direct result of excessive government funding.


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