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The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is currently running the following campaigns:

TRANSPARENCY: We have a right to know how our taxes are being spent!

Every day the Australian government spends over a billion dollars of taxpayer funds. Yet taxpayers are being left in the dark on how it is being spent.

It’s our money: we have the right to know where it is going. Yet to find anything out requires time-consuming and expensive freedom of information requests, reading through hundreds of pages of budget documents… and even then you might not find out!

Around the world, governments are implementing “Transparency Portals” – where you can see how every detail of how your money is being spent.

The U.S. Government posts all expenditures over $25,000 online. Over 30 US states have similar portals – many showing expenditure down to the cent. London does it, the European Union does it – it’s time for us to do the same.

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Stop Bracket Creep: The Secret Tax Hike!

Aussie families are about to be hit with a staggering $25 billion in tax hikes over the next 4 years – and you probably didn’t even know about it!

According to the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, 1.8 million Australian workers would be forced into the higher tax bracket as a result of bracket creep – the phenomenon where inflation pushes everyone into higher tax brackets.

This means average workers will be slugged with the second highest income tax bracket paying 39 cents in the dollar – with taxes going up a whopping $3,800 per person by 2018!

This secret tax hike is unacceptable and urgent action must be taken to protect Aussie families.

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Slash Green Tape!

One of the last acts of the Gillard Government was to bring in an effective green tax by stealth - and you probably didn't even hear about it!

The Act will drive up costs for consumers, and potentially put 17,000 Aussie businesses at risk of shutting down while doing NOTHING for the environment.

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Scrap the Alcopops Tax!

The Alcopops Tax has failed – it’s time for it to be scrapped.

The evidence is overwhelming. This tax has not only utterly, utterly failed to reduce binge drinking, it has encouraged unsafe behaviour. It has led to people pre-mixing their own spirits, risking significantly higher alcohol content, and drink-spiking. It has led to the dangerous practice of “pre-loading” at home. It has led to more and more young Australians turning to drugs.

We have set up this campaign for Australians to contact their politicians and tell them to end this failed policy. Click HERE to find out more and take action!

Coming soon -  Save the Sharing Economy!

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