Carbon Tax Rent Seekers

The Australian Government has recently released "Businesses for a Clean Economy" - a list of businesses who support the tax on carbon dioxide.

Andy Semple has looked at some of these businesses, and discovered exactly why they're supporting the carbon tax:
A closer inspection of those 307 businesses reveals a whole bunch of rent seeking firms that naturally would benefit from the stupid tax.

Firms like:

AGL (Wind Turbines)

A shit load of solar firms (who would all be out of business if it wasn’t for taxpayer subsidies)

A bunch of firms who think they are cool because they have the words “eco” (Eco Buy, Eco View) or “green” (Go Green, Greenfleet) in their name

GE (the builder of Wind Turbines)

Hesta Super Fund (investing member’s money into wind farms)

Ikea (well their furniture is shit after all)

MacLean’s Booksellers (What do they think books and paper are made from?)

Pacific Hydro (Wind Turbines)

The Body Shop (No surprise there – they are the anti-capitalist capitalist)

Vestas (Wind Turbines)

Westpac Bank (Carbon Derivatives/Trading). Surprised ANZ, CBA, Macquarie and NAB haven’t signed up.

And there is no surprise at all when you look at the associations who have also signed up. The usual ecotard suspects are here.

Clean Energy Council (government bureaucrats)

The Climate Institute (left wing socialists posing as “environmentalist”)

The WWF (global left wing socialists posing as “environmentalists” and “animal lovers”)

So, rather than being a true alliance of businesses, it's mainly those relying on taxpayer money.

Still, at least we know which businesses to boycott!

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