China Ends Infamous One-Child Policy

China has somewhat relinquished state-sanctioned murder yesterday by announcing it will abandon its one-child policy.

This is a small step in the right direction but before celebrating freedom it must be remembered that this is still a government strategy, merely changed in order to 'improve the balanced development of population and to deal with an ageing population.' The new policy will 'allow all couples to have two children' in order to make this happen.

The introduction of the policy in 1979 was 'a temporary measure to curb a surging population' superimposed to 'limit demands for water and other resources.' Something that of course course a centrally planned economy could not provide.

Sweeping economic growth and free market reform over the past 30 years must be accompanied by freedom in the political process as well. The Chinese Communist Party's complete control over the lives of ordinary Chinese citizens leaves little room to celebrate.

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