Climate change “action”

A guest post from John Humphreys, a member of our Board of Advisers: 

Some people are worried about climate change. Many of these people believe that the solution to climate change is to throw politicians and bureaucrats at the problem, and maybe have a conference about setting up the terms of reference for a steering committee that will investigate the rules for a community forum that elects a board to appoint a working group to write a discussion paper.

Take THAT you evil climate.

For the proponents of climate change “action”, I have some good news. Not only will Australia have the world’s biggest carbon tax, but we also have a few government programs working to save the penguins from sun-stroke. Did I say “a few”? Let’s have a closer look…
Australian Climate Change Science Program
Australian Greenhouse Emissions Information System—AGEIS
Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU)
Bilateral Climate Change Partnership Program
Biodiversity Fund
Carbon Farming Futures
Carbon Farming Initiative
Carbon Farming Initiative non-Kyoto carbon fund
Carbon Farming Skills
Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF)
Caring for our coasts
Charities Maritime and Aviation Support Program
Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Clean Energy Skills
Climate Change Adaptation Program
Climate Change Authority
Climate Change Grant Program
Coal mining assistance
Coastal Adaptation Decision Pathways projects
Commercial Building Disclosure
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Community Energy Efficiency Program
Energy Efficiency in Government Operations (EEGO)
Energy Efficiency Information Grants
Energy Savings Initiative
Energy Security Fund
Energy Security Package
Global Carbon Monitoring System
Green Lease Schedule
Green Loans and Green Start programs
Greenhouse Friendly™
Home Insulation Safety Plan
Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative
International Forest Carbon Initiative
Jobs and Competitiveness Program
Kyoto Protocol
Land Sector Measures
Local Adaptation Pathways Program
Low Carbon Australia
Low Carbon Communities
Low Income Energy Efficiency Program
Multi-Party Climate Change Committee
National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS)
National Authority for the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation
National Building Framework
National Carbon Accounting System
National Carbon Accounting Toolbox
National Carbon Offset Standard
National Climate Change Adaptation Framework
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
National Construction Code
National Greenhouse Accounts
National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting
National Solar Schools Program
National Strategy on Energy Efficiency (NSEE)
Nationwide Home Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)
Regional Natural Resources Management (NRM) Planning for Climate Change Fund
Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme—Solar Hot Water Rebate
Renewable Energy Target
Renewable Remote Power Generation Program
Residential Building Disclosure
Roundtables on Climate Change
Select Council on Climate Change
Solar Cities
Solar Photovoltaic Inspection Program
Tax breaks for green buildings
Tax deductions for carbon sink forests
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Your Home


The climate crusaders must be overjoyed at how much government action we have — with more schemes, programs, funds, frameworks, measures, targets, roundtables, packages, and authorities than you would think possible. I’m sure there are a few public servants who are happy about the facilities, standards, initiatives, councils, operations, systems and protocols too.

But while the climate extremists and rent-seekers should be happy to see such a bloated government, hard-working productive people may not enjoy the fact that they are paying extra taxes to fund this never-ending growth of government spending.

Originally published on John's personal blog and reproduced with permission. 

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