Dominic Perrottet: Taxes Destroying Family Aspirations

Statements in Parliament typically condemn tax cuts and praise more spending. This is the root of the ordeal that places hard working taxpayers at the foot of the bill for every policy mistake.

So when politicians get it right and address this very problem, they deserve our praise.

Dominic Perrottet made a statement to Parliament early in June that refreshingly pointed out the harsh reality of excessive taxation.

"Tax increases are not ‘savings’.

Tax cuts are not ‘concession’

And letting us keep more of our own money is not a ‘handout’

Mr speaker, let me be clear – in a free country, money belongs to those who earn it."

He goes on:

"Some people – consumed by a philosophy of failure and the gospel of envy – claim higher taxes are all about fairness.

But we say it is not fair to be penalised for your success.

It is not fair that you are punished for creating jobs, investing wisely or providing for your family.

It is not fair that we increasingly have a system that taxes those who work to subsidise those who won’t."

Perrottet fittingly concludes:

"This is why I am in favour of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it’s possible.

Low taxes mean growth. And growth means opportunity. And opportunity leads to prosperity."

If only the whole Parliament would listen up and pay attention.



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