Exclusive Poll - Voters Don't Trust Turnbull On Power

21 August 2018

Exclusive polling reveals voters don’t trust Turnbull to lower electricity prices, support withdrawal from Paris Accords if it meant cheaper power

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance (ATA) today released exclusive Reachtell polling in the key marginal electorates of Robertson, Petrie, Capricornia and Peter Dutton’s seat of Dixon which showed a collapse in the Liberal Primary vote amidst overwhelming demand for government policy that lowers electricity bills and a lack of faith that the Turnbull government’s National Energy Guarantee will deliver it. Polling was conducted Monday 20 August.

“This data clearly shows people demand the Government take urgent action to lower their electricity and gas bills, that this is a key vote-moving issue for them, and that they don’t believe Malcolm Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee will deliver” said Tim Andrews, ATA Executive Director. “In every electorate polled, over half of people polled said they were “not at all confident” that Malcom Turnbull will deliver a policy that reduced power bills; fewer than 15% said they were “very confident”. Over 90% of people said it was important for them that the Government act to reduce their power bills, with majorities saying it would affect their vote.

“A majority of voters in every seat would support Australia’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord if it means lower electricity bills, and an overwhelming majority support a policy of treating all forms of energy generation equally and not preferencing renewable energy.

“Our polling also shows a collapse in the Liberal/LNP primary vote by as much as 11%. This should be wake-up call for the Turnbull government to urgently put the interests of Australian families and businesses first and improve on the NEG by adopting the ATA’s Cheap Energy Guarantee (CEG)”

“The Australian Taxpayers’ yesterday launched a politically realistic nine point Cheap Energy Guarantee plan to significantly reduce energy prices.

“Over 75% of voters believe people customers should not be forced to contribute to reducing emissions, but  should be able to choose if they want to. This is in line with the ATA’s CEG which adopts insights from behavioural economics to lower greenhouse gas emissions without forcing higher bills on those of us who don’t want them.

“Ensuring cheap electricity is not just an economic issue. It is a moral issue. Australia has been blessed with immense mineral and gas wealth, yet our pensioners are forced to turn off the heating in winter because they can’t afford to pay more than double what people pay overseas, while businesses are being forced to close their doors. The Federal Government needs to accept the will of the voters and act to bring power prices down - or it will pay the price at the ballot box.

Full polling results and analysis available upon request. For further information about the CEG please visit http://cheapenergyguarantee.com.au/


Tim Andrew, Executive Director

Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA),


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