Fair Funding For Local Government Referendum

As we reported yesterday, Local government Minister, Anthony Albanese, has announced plans to corrupt our democracy and buy the local government referendum result with $31.6 million in public money to fund the ‘yes’ case, and only $0.5 million to the ‘no’ case”!

The ‘yes’ case is being given nearly 65 times the public funding as the ‘no’ case in a flagrant abuse of process. In direct grants the Federal government is giving 20 times the funding to the ‘yes’ case as it is to the ‘no’ case. This is a corruption of our democracy to abuse taxpayer’s funds to buy a change to the Constitution that removes the limits on the power of Canberra politicians and bureaucrats.

The No Power Grab Citizens' Committee has created an online action portal so you can contact your MP and Senators and demand they change this before it is too late.

I strongly urge you all to go to www.NoPowerGrab.com to contact your MP and Senators - and also to call the parliament house switchboard on 02 6277 7111 to speak to them!

UPDATE: A small number of persons were redirected here through an email routing error when intending to visit the www.NoPowerGrab.com action portal directly. Our apologies for this, and I wish to stress that the No Power Grab citizens coalition is in no way affiliated with the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance (although we strongly support their aims, and encourage all our members to join them)

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