Fight The $40 Tobacco Tax Hike: Contact Your MP Today!

Fight The $40 Tobacco Tax Hike: Contact Your MP Today! - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Labor has just announced it wants to slug poorest Australians with another tax hike - this time to force cigarettes to cost a staggering $40 a pack!

Australian tobacco taxes are already one of the highest in the world, and tobacco taxes hurt the most vulnerable in society hardest. The poorest twenty per cent of households (by income) pay three times as much in tobacco taxes as those in the top twenty per cent.

Smokers already pay many times their healthcare costs in taxes, and this is simply a new grab for cash to pay for more wasteful spending - paid for by those who can least afford it.

Contact your local MP and State's Senators below and demand they oppose this grubby tax hike on the poor.

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