Gerard Depardieu quits France to become tax refugee

Shall we be seeing tax refugees fleeing Australia in a similar way in the future?

Gerard Depardieu quits France amid tax row:

France's leading actor Gerard Depardieu says he is giving up his French passport after being insulted by the prime minister, who called him "pathetic" for becoming a tax exile in Belgium.

Depardieu has joined some of France's wealthiest business figures in Belgium following moves by president Francois Hollande's Socialist government to tax annual incomes above one million euros ($1.5 million) at 75 per cent...

In the letter, Depardieu, who has extensive business interests including wine estates and three Paris restaurants, accused the government of driving France's most talented figures out of the country with its tax policies.

"I am leaving because you consider that success, creation, talent, anything different, must be punished," he said.

Depardieu said he had paid 85 per cent tax on his revenues in 2012 and that over 45 years of working and running businesses in France he had paid 145 million euros to state coffers.

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