Gillard Govt Now Governments Now Forcing Businesses To Do Their Political Promotion

The Australian Government has just intimidated all but three of the twenty one electricity companies into sending glossy carbon tax propaganda to their consumers (the three who opted out were owned by state governments in coalition states):
IN A bid to deflect anger over rising electricity prices, the Gillard government has persuaded utility companies to enclose in household power bills a flyer explaining the role of the carbon price.

Most of the bills mailed out for the rest of the year will include a double-sided sheet explaining that for each $100 in electricity costs, the carbon price makes up $9, compared with $51 for the network of poles and wires and $20 each for wholesale electricity and retail services.

The move - which will cost taxpayers nearly $130,000 - reflects government concern that the carbon tax is being unfairly blamed for the broad rise in power bills, which has overtaken petrol prices as a lightning rod for consumer price concerns.

So not only are taxpayers paying for this, but businesses are now being forced to carry out the government's own dirty work.

As Alan Moran notes: "Surely we should be concerned when commercial businesses are being dragooned into promoting political campaigns.  Should supermarkets and petrol stations also be required to display point of sale advertising for the Government?"


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