Gillard Promises More Taxpayer Funding For Power Grab Propaganda

Did you know the Gillard Government is spending over $20 million of taxpayer dollars promoting their local government power grab? That's right, over $20 million!

But it looks like even this isn't enough. Yesterday, Julia Gillard pledged even more money for this disgraceful power grab:
“I know you are putting together money to fight for a Yes vote. Tonight, I pledge that the Government will also assist with additional resources for your campaign.”

That's right. At a time when families are struggling under the burden of overspending and high taxes, and our federal budget deficit is skyrocketing to record levels, the Gillard Government wants to spend more of our money to pay for propaganda to support this power grab.

I strongly urge all friends of taxpayers' to join the official No Power Grab campaign and fight back against this insanity.


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