Gillian Triggs no longer head of HRC

After our staggeringly successful campaign to remove Gillian Triggs from her taxpayer funded role as President of the Human Rights Commission, her contract will not be renewed in 2017

Australians were fed up with Gillian Triggs' multiple charges of misconduct including the persecution of QUT students under Section 18C, breaching federal law about an inquiry that never took place, delaying a children in detention inquiry until Labor was no longer in office, and recommending $350,000 of taxpayer funded compensation for a "refugee" who beat his spouse to death.

Australians knew better than to let this vile corruption go unnoticed. This is why more than four thousand people took a stand to call for Gillan Triggs resignation.

The Human Rights Commission is a strictly non-partisan institution supposedly committed to the empowerment of human rights in Australia. This is exactly what it is not, under the politically motivated actions, decisions and recommendations of its current President, Gillian Triggs.

With enough national pressure, it has now been revealed that her contract will not be renewed in the next year, and we will be able to call on a President who can put the human rights back in the Human Rights Commission.

This is a good day for democracy and shows just how much signing a petition can contribute towards a better outcome for all Australians.

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