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Give Fishers a Fair Go! - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

The NSW government wants to establish marine parks across popular fishing spots, locking recreational fishers out of over a thousand hectares of prime fishing zones in twenty-five locations between Wollongong and Newcastle.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that well-regulated spearfishing has minimal effects on reef health, fish population or the environment.

Yet instead of cracking down on pollution, sewage outfall, or other issues which pose a genuine threat to our reefs and fish populations, The Berejiklian government has gone after long-established recreational fishing clubs.

Make no mistake, the NSW government proposal will not just hurt hobby fishers and commercial fishermen - it will also harm charter boat operators and local residents while destroying businesses and livelihoods.

How can the state government justify this nanny state intrusion into our lives at the cost of millions in taxpayer funds and the loss of our fisheries?

Let Gladys Berejiklian know that *enough is enough*.

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It’s time to give our state’s fishers a fair go!

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