Governments: Stop Driving Bad Policy

The regulatory ambitions of Parliament have been stifled by pragmatism as "regulated ride sharing services" are now being used for car transport entitlements.

In a bid to reduce expenditure and raise revenue, bureaucrats have actually realized that Uber is a better quality and cheaper alternative to the taxi industry under their jurisdiction.

You know a service is good when the very people who tried to ban it are now choosing to use it.

This is great for the taxpayer and the environmentalist alike; reducing unnecessary expenditure and carbon emissions by ride sharing.

There is however, still a rank hypocrisy in this new policy. Only "senators, members and nominated family members" are able to take ride sharing services whilst "dependent children and designated persons" cannot.

It is also extremely unfair that this policy comes amid legislation in Victoria that has banned ride sharing altogether.

Whilst state bureaucrats are extracting the benefits from innovative companies like Uber, they expect the rest of the Australian population to continue with more expensive, lower quality and less safer taxis under Cabcharge.

It is time for all the state governments to recognize a good thing when they see it. Everyone deserves the chance to use an Uber, not just our politicians.

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