Let The Man Grow Potatoes

Spud King Tony Gelati vowed to keep fighting against the government authority that regulates the potato industry.

His successful fruit and vegetable chain Spud Shed is "the largest potato producer in Western Australia" yet he has to deal with the continual interference of the state government's regulatory body, the Potato Marketing Corporation.

Western Australia is the only state that continues to regulate the potato market. Not only does the PMC limit the amount a producer can grow, it also "sets the prices, decides who can grow the vegetable as well as the varieties."


The Supreme Court handed down an injunction yesterday to prevent Mr Galati from "growing more than his quota of 6000 tonnes under an agreement with the Government's potato marketing watchdog."

Regardless of the injunction, Mr Galati says "They are not going to stop us. We are going to grow spuds and sell them."



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