Likely Senate Results Victory For Taxpayers

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance today celebrated the predicted victory of minor parties in the Australian Senate as a strong victory for taxpayers and small government

“Current projections show this will be the most taxpayer-friendly senate in recent history” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance.

“The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance has previously praised David Leyonhjelm and Bob Day as having the most taxpayer-friendly policies of any Senate candidates. The addition of two senators of their intellectual calibre, and with decades of experience in sound policy analysis and advocacy of small government ideals, represents a strong win for Australian taxpayers

“In addition, the Palmer United Party’s stated policy of reducing the income tax burden, and the Motoring Enthusiast Party’s stated policies of reducing tax, restoring individual freedoms, and opposing the nanny state, represent a further win for taxpayers, and we look forward to working with their elected candidates to ensure they honour this pledge.

“The Australian public has overwhelmingly demonstrated their rejection of Labor’s tax-and-spend agenda – and, more importantly – have elected a Senate to prevent Tony Abbott from doing the same thing.

“This is a Senate that will force Tony Abbott to cut spending, and return to sound economic principles and we congratulate the newly elected Family First, Liberal Democratic, Motoring Enthusiasts, and Palmer United Party senators for their election.

“Despite the fearmongering spread by far-left interest groups, the Australian Senate will once again be a check and balance against wasteful spending. The Labor-Green Senate hegemony of big-government, high spending radical policies is over.

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