Make Liberty Profitable Again

Make Liberty Profitable Again - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Are you dreaming of spreading liberty across Australia but lack the capital?

Thanks to our generous sponsors at the ATLAS network, you have the unique opportunity to win $5000 as a group and $500 as an individual towards spreading liberty in Australia!


Elevator Pitch

Friday 28th April 5:30 pm

Individual prize: $500

All you need to do to pitch what you are currently doing to promote liberty across Australia and New Zealand. To be eligible to win, your pitch must be no longer than one minute.  There is only one shot and one turn per person so make it good!


Dragon's Den

Saturday 29th, 2:30 pm

Group prize: $5000

To be in the draw to win, you must be in a group of 3 or more people. All you need to do is pitch one brilliant idea and one action plan towards advancing liberty in Australia and/or New Zealand in under 30 minutes to a panel of judges. 


This is truly an unmissable opportunity for all those dreamers who wish to create a free Australia. This is your chance to put to action what many have wanted to achieve but haven't been able to for lack of money. 

Register for the 2017 ALS Friedman Conference to take part in this chance of a lifetime.

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