Mark Bailey Update

In an update for those interested in promoting integrity within the ranks of government, Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey has been stood down due to an official finding that there was a “reasonable suspicion of corrupt conduct”. 

Followers may recall an earlier article that emphasised the necessity for an investigation into Mr Bailey’s decision to potentially interfere with the ability for the community to access government records when he deleted his private email which contained important public records. The probe by the Crime and Corruption Commission occurred after The Australian made a right to information request to determine whether Mr Bailey was being lobbied and having private correspondence with ETU state secretary Peter Simpson. A week later, the private email was deleted and the public records were unable to be retrieved. The CCC has considered this as sufficient evidence to raise a reasonable suspicion of corrupt conduct that related to the destruction of public records, a possible breach of the Public Records Act. The matter has now been taken over by the State Archivist who will further investigate on the conduct by Mr Bailey.

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