Media Release: Deficit Levy Must be Ruled Out

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance called on the Federal Government to unequivocally rule out burdening taxpayers with a crippling new tax on households earning over 80,000

“Australia does not have a ‘budget problem’ – it has an overspending problem” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance.

“The Federal Government needs the political courage to address spiralling overspending. Australia simply can’t afford another great new tax.

“Imposing a levy to avoid making tough spending decisions is the business-as-usual easy way out. It would show the Coalition isn’t serious about reforming our broken system and would be a continuation of the tax-and-spend failed policies of the past.

“In 2012, Joe Hockey declared ‘the age of entitlement is over.’ So why is he still promising to splash cash on a gold-plated paid parental leave scheme or on ‘direct action’ corporate welfare that no-one actually supports? Rather than make a blatant tax-grab, Joe Hockey needs to follow his own advice and enact serious spending reform

“For many families, particularly living in capital cities, 80,000 does not make you high income earners – in fact, it’s essentially the average full-time wage.

“A tax hike of this magnitude would hurt families already struggling with rising costs of living, and slow down our already faltering economy potentially leading to job losses nationwide.

“Australia desperately needs structural spending reform, not a job-killing tax hike

“Tony Abbott was elected promising ”there will not be any new taxes as part of the Coalition’s policies”. As Julia Gillard learned, Australia will not forgive a politician who does not keep his word.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance will be co-sponsoring a panel on tax reform at the upcoming 2nd Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference with Professors Judith Sloan, Henry Ergas and Sinclair Davidson in Sydney this Sunday.

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Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance
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