MEDIA RELEASE: Government adopts ATA craft beer policy

4 May 2018

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, a 50,000+ member non-partisan grassroots advocacy body representing the interests of Australian taxpayers, today commended the Australian government and Treasurer Scott Morrison for adopting our policy of a fairer tax for Australia’s craft beer industry. The common-sense reform ensures that beer sold in kegs lesser than 48 litres is not taxed higher than beer sold in larger kegs, a policy which disadvantaged small, innovative Aussie businesses against their larger, multinational competitors.


“For years, the ATA has argued against Australia’s unfair, absurd and complicated alcohol tax regime.” Said Satya Marar, Director of Policy at the ATA. “Last year, the Senate committee on red tape in the sale of alcohol adopted our recommendation to reform the unfair beer tax which hurts many of our small, regional businesses. We commend the government for finally implementing this timely policy.

“Australia is home to some of the world’s best, internationally-recognised beers, wines and spirits. Our craft breweries do it tough enough with exorbitant taxes on alcohol and some of the highest electricity prices in the developed world. The fair tax policy for craft beers supports our small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as thousands of quality jobs across regional and urban Australia. Over 380 craft brewers currently support over 2,400 jobs nationwide and also drive tourism through craft brewery tours and their positive impact on our nightlife economy.

“We call on the government to further support our thriving domestic industries and the interests of taxpayers by implementing the ATA’s other policy recommendations on liquor. A simplified licensing regime and efficient digital registration portal for alcohol-serving establishments, liberalised trading hours for bottle shops and licensed establishments, the repeal of New South Wales’ infamous lockout laws and a fairer tax system for spirits through a volumetric tax, will support jobs and drive the competitiveness of our businesses while supporting regional economies and our tourism industry.”

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