Media Release: Taxpayers Welcome Desperately Needed Tax Reform – But Not Tax Hikes!

Taxpayers Welcome Desperately Needed Tax Reform – But Not Tax Hikes!

Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, released the following statement following publication of the Commonwealth Treasury’s Tax Discussion Paper:

“Aussie families and businesses are desperate for genuine reform of our crippling, complicated and archaic tax system. Australia is rapidly falling behind in international tax competitiveness, losing jobs and businesses offshore, while households struggling under one of our regions highest tax burdens with compliance costs are spiralling out of control. Today’s paper should be the catalyst for a simpler, fairer, flatter tax system essential for our continued prosperity.

“It is unconscionable that the stealth ‘bracket creep’ tax hike will push half of all Aussie workers into the top two tax brackets by 2025. Our top tax rates should be for high income earners – not average families struggling to make ends meet. Joe Hockey must act to protect taxpayers by immediately indexing marginal tax thresholds to average wage earnings.

“We warn the government that ‘tax reform’ must never be code for ‘tax hikes’. Any comprehensive tax reform must be either revenue neutral, or preferably reduce our crippling tax burden. Any tax hike to pay for chronic overspending is simply inexcusable. We call on Joe Hockey to unequivocally commit that hardworking Australians won’t be slugged with yet another tax hike.

“The 2014-15 MYEFO showed tax receipts increasing a staggering $74 billion over forward estimates. The Commonwealth doesn’t have a revenue problem – it has an overspending problem. If Joe Hockey is serious about tax reform, he also needs to slash corporate welfare, end the cash splashes, and address the challenges of the intergenerational report.

“We commend the government for its stated commitment toa better tax system to deliver taxes that are lower, simpler, fairer”. The taxpayers’ of Australia hope that it will deliver.”

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