The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance today applauded the announcement by the Victorian Government that “buffer zones” will be legislated to prevent persons offering pamphlets within 150 meters of abortion clinics, and called for this principle to be extended to protect all political groups.


“We applaud the Victorian Government for outlawing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly when it may potentially hurt someone’s feelings” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. “While laws already exist to prevent intimidation, harassment, and the blocking of entry to property, this new initiative to criminalise offering someone a leaflet within 150m of an abortion clinic is a bold one and should be extended to all other groups”.


“It is a basic right that people be protected by law from hearing or seeing any contrary viewpoint. It is clear that by limiting their restrictions of freedom of speech simply to outside of abortion clinics, the Victorian Government has not gone far enough. The Victorian Government needs to extend this ban on people offering their opinions to all protests which may potentially cause offence.


“As classical liberals, a significantly marginalised and vulnerable group in the community, we call on the Victorian Government to extend these buffer zones to all events organised by the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, so that our members are also not subjected to anyone expressing a contrary views.

“Furthermore, in the interests of consistency, we call on all Union and anti-government protests to be similarly restricted to outside of 150m of any government Minister so that they too shall never encounter any form of democratic dissent."

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance wishes to note that this Media Release is obviously a satire of the Victorian Government’s assault on fundamental human rights, and should not be taken seriously.

Media Contact: Tim Andrews, Executive Director, Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. Mobile: 0434064934


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