Need For Smarter, Not Stricter, Codeine Regulation

I have an article published on On-Line Opinon discussing the TGA’s decision to place all OTC (schedule 3) codeine medicines on prescription from 2018 has been published by On-Line Opinion. It talks about how unnecessary and inconvenient this intervention is, and how it is a prime example of the stifling nanny state measures imposed by public health groups. 

‘The ATA identifies several problems with the status quo whereby codeine/ibuprofen and codeine/paracetamol are prescription drugs. It means longer waiting hours in clinics and more frequent consultations with GPs for busy Australians. Additionally, it will create a backlog in processing prescriptions, leading to more pressure on pharmacists, dispensary technicians and pharmacy assistants as well as longer waiting times for patients in serious pain.’

Click here to read my full article. 

Marija Polic is a Research Associate at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

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