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Our Team - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Executive Director: Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews is the Founder and Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Senior International Fellow at the Washington DC based Taxpayers’ Protection Alliance. 

He holds a Bachelor of Economics, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Sydney during which time he also served two terms as the Federal President of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation. Prior to starting the ATA Tim Andrews had been employed by the Cato Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, and as a Koch Associate. He is a Director of the Australian Libertarian Society and Co-Convenor of the Friedman Conference, the largest libertarian conference in the Asia-Pacific Region, a member of the UK Taxpayers Alliance Advisory Council, and a member of the The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation Advisor Board.

Deputy Director: Dr John Humphreys

Dr John Humphreys is a Queensland based economist and scholar who has worked for the World Bank and ASEAN among other organisations.  John received his economics degree with honours from the University of Queensland before going on to work as a Policy Analyst with the Commonwealth Treasury, Consultant with the Centre for International Economics and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies. John is the founder and President of the humanitarian non-profit Human Capital Project, and also the Director of the Australian Libertarian Society.

Director of Policy: Satya Marar

Satyajeet 'Satya' Marar is a Sydney-based writer, and policy analyst who is the Director of Policy at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He has provided submissions and appeared before Parliamentary and Senate inquiries to give evidence on tax policy, foreign affairs & trade, public health and civil liberties. He has reported on Federal and state budgets and appears on Radio and TV, including on Sky News and SBS The Feed as a panelist. His articles have been featured in Australian Financial Review, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Newcastle Herald, The Hill, Quillette, Spectator, RealClear Policy, Foundation for Economic Education, Freedom Today, CapX, Quadrant, The Verdict, LibertyWorks and Online Opinion. He received a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree with Honours from Macquarie University in 2017, and is an admitted solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Campaign Director: Brian Marlow

Brian Marlow is the Campaign Director for the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance where he currently heads up our campaign to Legalise Vaping in Australia. Brian initially began his involvement in political campaigning in 2015 at a grassroots level when he helped campaign in the North Sydney By-election. In 2016 Brian got involved in federal politics where he worked on the 2016 federal election, as well as managing internal party relations and registration efforts.
Brian has been interviewed by major national news sources in Australia including the SBS and ABC, as well as countless international newspapers, radio and television stations.

Director of Outreach & Engagement: Austen Erickson

Austen Erickson is the owner of AEON Consulting, and the Chairman Emeritus of Australia and New Zealand Students for Liberty. Austen is currently a graduate student in Applied Mathematics at the University of New South Wales. He holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University, and a triple BSc from the University of Rochester in Mathematics, Physics, and Environmental Science.

Office Manager: Eliot Metherell

Eliot Metherell trained as a teacher of English and history at Macquarie University before leaving Australia to work as a research associate under Dr John Humphreys at the Professional Research Institute for Management and Economics. On returning to Australia, Eliot resumed his studies while working in land conservation before taking up his current position at the ATA. He has been published in The Spectator and LibertyWorks.

External Affairs Manager: Katarina Perkovic

Research Associate: Anjali Nadaradjane

Anjali Nadaradjane is a research associate at the Australian Taxpayers Alliance. She currently studies a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts combined degree majoring in International Relations. She has been published in The Spectator, Libertyworks, The Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph. Prior to joining the ATA, she was a researcher at the Indonesian think tank 'Resilience Development Initiative' in Bandung, Indonesia.

Research Associate: Jay Bedi

Jay Bedi is an Actor, Screenwriter & Founder of creative film agency, Nylero, Content Marketing Strategist at Indago Digital & Research Associate at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance. Jay's focus is on commercialising Australia's film industry through his own productions.

Research Associate: Joanne Tran

Research Associate: Mackenzie Lofts

Research Associate: Louis Williams




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