Plain packaging: fraud, farce and failure

ATA Director of Policy, Satyajeet Marar & ATA Research Associate, Anjali Nadaradjane, were recently featured in The Spectator Australia where they discuss the policy failure of tobacco plain packaging in Australia and France, as well as the damaging precedent that these laws have set for intellectual property rights across other industries worldwide.

"The latest investigation by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission reveals that plain packaging laws, introduced in late 2012 and designed to make tobacco products unattractive by replacing branding and trademarks with generic font and a drab colour, have failed to achieve their aim of reducing smoking in Australia.

ACIC found that compound levels in population-wide samples of wastewater across all major capital cities and tested regions in 2016-17, showed a rise in nicotine consumption. This should concern all of us as plain packaging and misleading claims about its success have already prompted calls for a crackdown on intellectual property rights across other industries.."

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