Queensland Literary Awards

Earlier this year, the near-bankrupt Queensland Government decided to save a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer funds and scrap the Premier's Literary Award.

The left were hysterical:
It is another of those philistine spasms to which the state’s political classes are occasionally prone. Newman attempted to justify the decision in economic terms, saying it would save the state a quarter of a million dollars a year...

Those books get put in front of young readers and they encourage kids to  read. And they also put reading up there as something people respect and think  has some value because it has awards associated with it

So what has taken place since then? Is literacy all but dead in Queensland now as a result?

Quite the contrary: the market has stepped up and a new, voluntarily-funded award has been created:

The Queensland Literary Awards, revived by a bunch of determined volunteers, are now being powered by the people.

Fancy that. Things can still survive and flourish without taxpayers being forced to foot the bill for left-wing drivel like the 2010 winner, Clive Hamilton's Requiem for a Species.

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