Take Action To Repeal 18C!


The Federal Parliament's Joint Standing Committee On Human Rights today released a report into reforming the failed section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

This is the failed Act that led to students at QUT being hauled before the courts for years for protesting segregation at university computer labs. This is the failed Act under cartoonist Bill Leak was first investigated under for his cartoons in the Australia. This is the failed Act under which which a WWII Memorial was sued by The Australia-Japan Community Network for causing them "offence".

This report was a stunning indictment of the failures of s18C and of the Australian Human Rights Commission & there was unanimous agreement by the committee that something needs to be done.

The Government must now respond to the Committee's report - and with your help we can make the response a win for freedom.

Every Liberal Senate Backbencher, as well many in the cross bench, are in favour of reform.

With enough pressure, we can still force them to act. But we can only do that with your help.

Now is the time to contact your local Member of Parliament (even if you have done so previously!) and demand action.

This is the last chance for freedom of speech in Australia. If we do not achieve victory this week, it will be over.

Please take two minutes to use our form below to contact your Member of Parliament and demand action.

The future of free speech in Australia depends on it.

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