Stop the UN's refugee rip-off

Bill Shorten wants Aussie taxpayers to fork out half a billion dollars to the United Nations Refugee Agency. That's half a billion dollars of our money going to an un-elected, unrepresentative agency that has previously failed to avoid fraud, corruption and waste when doling out taxpayer funds!

This has to stop. Help us send a message to Bill Shorten that you want our money to stay in Australia.

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We, the undersigned, are concerned about a proposed $500,000,000 payout to the United Nations Refugee Agency which was recently announced by Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten.

This $500,000,000 payment is four times what we already generously give to the United Nations and would be a slap in the face for hard working Australian taxpayers who believe governments should live within their means.

Should the Labor Party win the next election, this refugee rip-off will be paid for with a slew of tax hikes set to hurt middle Australians and retirees, including Labor’s retiree tax, negative gearing changes and capital gains tax hikes.

We call on Bill Shorten MP to abolish this wasteful spending proposal and listen to the overwhelming majority of Australians who believe that taxpayer funds should be used to help taxpayers.

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