Scott Morrison Woos the Campus Trots

Australian Taxpayers' Alliance Research Associate Marija Polic writing in Quadrant Online on Scott Morrison's planned bank tax:


Walking down one of the main roads from the library at my university, I once was foolish enough to  approach a member of Socialist Alternative (SALT) and ask how they proposed to fund fruitless schemes such as free university education. Their answer?

‘Tax the rich! Tax the big banks!’

Once again I was painfully reminded of how many people genuinely believe that taxes are the solution to all our problems, that it wasn’t at all selfish to ask hard-working Australians to fund the lifestyles and life choices of non-productive others. This is  why I take a quieter path to uni every day, headphones on and head down.

As part of the silent majority at my uni, I was excited about the Budget. But when I looked over Treasurer Scott Morrison’s main policies in more detail, I was unpleasantly surprised. The 2017 Budget has brought in something that – or so I thought -  could only be adopted as policy by the populist, ‘tax the rich!’, union-loving party of ‘the workers’."

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