Should Taxpayers Pay Welfare For More Foreign Countries?

One of the disturbing things to come out of the 2012 Federal Budget was the news that while Aussie families were continuing to struggling, the Gillard government has increased welfare to foreign countries from $4.8 billion this financial year to $5.1 billion for the next year.

This is despite overwhelming evidence that taxpayer funded foreign aid just doesn’t work in alleviating poverty, with funds being misused to such an extent that recent evidence has come out that our taxpayers are paying for terrorist organisations!

With a congo line of highly-paid “aid professionals” calling for more taxpayer dollars on their failing programs, it was a great relief to watch the IPA’s James Paterson on Sunrise yesterday morning, speaking the truth and standing up for taxpayers.

It is truly a job watching him demolish the self-interested calls for hand-outs from Tim Costello and the radical extremism of Peter Singer (the former Greens candidate who is best known for advocating the murder of disabled children).

You can watch the clip here:

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  • M Johnson
    15 June, 2012 (3:40 am)

    The extreme left love to treat the people of the Third World like children. They hate it when there is a demand for some responsibility by those who are receiving aid. Botswana is an example that the rest of Africa should be required to follow before they get aid.

    When we give aid to corrupt and incompetent governments we prop them up and undermine the advancement of nations that must overthrow their leaders in order to progress.

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