ATA Submission: Short Term Holiday Letting Proposals will increase costs and hurt tourism

Short Term Holiday Letting Proposals will increase costs and hurt tourism

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, Australia’s leading grassroots organisation representing Aussie taxpayers with over 50,000 members nationally, said today in its submission to the New South Wales Governments Options for Short Term Holiday Letting regulation that the negative impacts of some of the legislative proposals are far greater than any perceived benefit and the Government should reconsider its approach. 

“Punitive measures such as new taxes, draconian limits on how long Australians can lend their home, mandatory development consent or a licensing regime to regulate what citizens can or can’t do with their own home will hurt the sector, cost jobs and harm businesses while driving tourists to other states and impinging upon legitimate private property rights" said Executive Director Tim Andrews. "There is no reason to regulate for the isolated incident or the exception, and instead of punishing this sector the Government should be rewarding it for its positive contribution to the economy and tourism

“Short Term rental provides a much-needed addition to the tourism accommodation market, and some of these proposed options could give tourist the impression that the welcome mat has been taken in. This whole debate has focussed far too much-isolated incidents rather than the great majority of bookings which contribute to the economy and do not cause any negative impact”

“In particular, these proposals will have a serious detrimental effect on regional tourism in NSW. Short Term rental is vital in regional areas, in particular, those places that require accommodation stock numbers to be able to scale up for festivals and events. People should not have to undertake burdensome and costly red tape to rent out their homes once or twice a year. The impact of these options could see people choosing not to offer the accommodation which could be drastic for regional economies and events and festivals outside of the cities. "

“Private property rights and the concept that your home is your castle is at the very foundation of Aussie society. These proposals go directly against this fundamental principle. The small number of complaints regarding Short Term Rental Accommodation have been taking out of proportion by the government, and we urge the government against giving too much credence to a small group of professional complainers who would likely complain about their neighbours regardless of who they are. 

“We strongly urge the government to reject the heavy handed over-regulation options discussed in the Options Paper & support tourism, jobs, and holidaying families”

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