Take Action To Stop the War on Holidays!

Take Action To Stop the War on Holidays! - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Stop the war on holidays!

The NSW government has declared war on an Aussie institution – the family holiday.

Proposals include

  • slugging holidaymakers and tourists with new taxes and fees

  • bans or over-regulation of innovative home-sharing platforms 

  • creating a new bureaucracy telling you what you can and can’t do with your own home

The moves will undermine innovation, hurt businesses, cost jobs while sending tourists to other states and laying waste to our regional tourism economy.

They will decimate private property rights – a man’s home is meant to be his castle.

At a time when the people of NSW are struggling to make ends meet, we cannot afford more red tape or draconian fees and taxes on families trying to take a break.


Make no mistake, banning families from renting out holiday homes or a spare room will only take money from working mums and dads while sending it overseas to multi-billion dollar multinational hotel chains.

Use our form to contact the NSW government - let them know that they should be encouraging innovation and tourism, not punishing holidaymakers while laying waste to our tourist economy.

Contact the NSW Government today!


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