Sydney Rally: Privatise the ABC!

Australia & New Zealand Students for Liberty, in conjunction with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Australian Libertarian Society is organising a rally this saturday outside the Sydney ABC studios calling for the ABC to be privatised.

We are living in a world of unparalelled media diversity thanks to the internet, and there is no reason for taxpayers to be funding a media empire when there is easy access to content with the advent of the Internet, and as content becomes easier and cheaper to produce.
This is a protest against government owned media, and for removal of tax payer funds that are wasted on something that can be provided by the free market, and government crowding out other media sources. We need to show that the government hasn’t gone far enough. Show that the silent majority is sick of the vocal minority running politics and show the government that there is support for the ABC to be fully privatised.WHEN: Saturday 29 November 1:30PM
WHERE:We’ll start at Railway Square as a meeting point at 1:30 until 2:00-2:15 before marching down to the Ultimo ABC Studio and stay around there for 15-30 minutes.(This may be longer on the day depending on reception.)

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