Taxpayers Condemn Barnett For GST Hike Call


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Taxpayers Condemn Barnett For GST Hike Call

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance today condemned calls by West Australian Premier Colin Barnett for an increase in the Goods and Services Tax to pay for increased Federal Spending

“Premier Barnett’s call for a GST hike to pay for overspending is an assault not just on hard working taxpayers, but on sound economics and plain common sense” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance.

“Calling on another tier of government to raise taxes is the mark of political cowardice. Premier Barnett needs to have the courage to stand up to special interest groups and institute structural reform in Western Australia. With a weakening of the mining sector, the only way to ensure future economic prosperity is to reduce the burden of government. Premier Barnett’s call to increase taxes is the exact opposite of what Australia needs.

“It is a myth that Australia has needs more revenue to fund basic services. In FY2008-09, the Australian Federal Government collected $292 billion in revenue. By 2013 this had blown out to $388 billion.

“The Federal Government does not have a revenue problem – it has a spending problem.

“While the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance supports investigating the base and scope of the GST as part of an overall review of Australia’s taxation system, and addressing problems of inter-state transfers and vertical fiscal imbalance, this can only be done with the ultimate goal of reducing the net burden on taxpayers. To call for a GST increase to fund additional spending is simply unacceptable.

“Australian taxpayers call on the newly-elected Abbott government to honour its pledge to the Australian people to tackle overspending and reduce the crippling burden of taxation.

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