Tell Nicola Everything!

Timothy Gow sends us this idea on a practical campaign against the proposed new Big-Brotheresque Data Retention laws:
When the Canadian government attempted to pass data retention legislation through parliament, the youth of Canada responded with the twitter campaign #TellVicEverything.  A campaign telling Vic Toews, the relevant minister for Public Safety everything they want to know!

This is an excellent idea. 

Nicola Roxon wants to know everything about our internet habits.  I say we take things one step further, and tell her everything.   Jump on your twitter accounts and #TellNicEverything about your day, your lunch, your gardening and your hobbies.  Make sure the ALP knows it all.   Follow the Reveal it All twitter account, or just search the #TellNicEverything hashtag and get to work.   Send all your emails to and give them what they want so badly!

Spare no details, and get the tag trending.  Let’s send a positive message to the ALP that we want them to stay out of our private business.


We think this is a great idea - what do you think?

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