The Carbon Tax Is Here

There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

This was the solemn pledge made by Prime Minister Gillard just days before the last election.

It was with this pledge that she was voted into office.

It was with this pledge that she raised her right hand and said : “I do swear that I will well and truly serve the Commonwealth of Australia, her land and her people in the office of Prime Minister”

It was this pledge that she broke.

In just a few short hours, you and I will be hit with the world's highest tax on carbon dioxide.

A tax that will hit every family. A tax that will kill jobs and force businesses to close. A tax that will destroy our economy. And a tax that will do nothing to help the environment.

Make no mistake: The science was a lie. The economics was a lie. The politics was a lie. This is the greatest deception forced upon Australians in generations.

This is a tax that was based on a lie, built on a lie, and imposed on a lie.

But it is not too late. We can still repeal this tax and save Australia.there is still time – but we must act fast.

The next few weeks are CRITICAL – and we need your help.

We need to inform, educate, and mobilise Australians as never before.

As prices start increasing, and families start suffering even more, we must not only keep up the campaign – we must intensify it.

Defeat is not an option.

The federal government is in shambles, and now is the time to act. Whoever you talk to – family, friends, and neighbours – spread the word. Call talkback radio, write letters to the editor... anything you can do to get the message out. We must keep the pressure up now at this critical time.

We need to take action today. And tomorrow. And next week. And the week after.

Here are a few things we can do to start:

1)Attend a rally! If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, attend a July 1 No Carbon Tax Rally organised by our friends at CATA and make your voice heard! Click here for details.

2)Be a leader in our new grassroots network: Over 400 people have signed up in the last week to organise events, plan protests, run BBQ’s and build a movement that will reclaim Australia. If you haven’t already done so, sign up today!

3)Make an Investment in Australia’s Future: A wise man once said, you can’t save the world if you can’t pay the rent. We rely on people’s generosity and their belief in our future to run our website, publish advertisements, organise events, pay for Freedom of Information Requests, and run political campaigns.

We can’t do this without your help. So if you received Julia Gillard’s grubby “CashForYou” Carbon Tax Bribe, why not put some of it to good use by making a $25, 50 or $100 donation to the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance so we can expand our efforts? You can donate by credit card directly on our webpage, or click here to donate by cheque, money order, credit card, direct debit, or telephone. Every little bit makes a difference!

4)Hand Out This Great Poster To Businesses: The Galileo Movement has just produced a great poster for shops in your local area to display on their windows. Contact them here for your free copies!

5)Read, Learn, and Spread The Word! We must stay up to date with the latest information to be able to spread the word and education our community. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our daily blog containing the latest in news, commentary and analysis, or, sign up to receive it via email!  

We are already seeing the effects of the carbon tax. Electricity prices have skyrocketed, businesses are cutting back, and just yesterday $90 million of taxpayer funds was used to bail out an energy company. And this is only the beginning.

Unless we take action now, things will only get worse. And worse. And worse.

Our country is in crisis. And it’s not just the carbon taxe. We are paying through the roof for wasteful spending, our government refuses to stop illegal boat people, and they now want to censor the media to stop our voices from being heard.

Please do what you can for our country – whether by giving generously, attending a rally, joining our grassroots network, or simply educating your family, neighbours, and friends. Forward this email to your friends, share it on Facebook: *|FACEBOOK:LIKE|* and post it on Twitter  *|TWITTER:TWEET|*.

We can still save Australia, but we need to take action today – before it’s too late. 

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