The Carbon Tax Is History!

Today is a great day for Australia: the unnecessary, destructive tax on carbon dioxide has finally been repealed!

This would have never happened without you. The groundswell of grassroots opposition to the carbon tax was truly historic - and inspiring.

Never before have so many people come together to fight such a gross expansion in the size of government. Protests by far-left radical extremists are common. This was different. This was the Australian people rising up.

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance was formed out of the Stop Gillards Carbon Tax Campaign. We organised rallies and speakers, distributed materials, meeting politicians (and bombarding them with emails!)  - and even once arranged for a skywriter! But most importantly, it was our tens of thousands of members who helped make a difference. From attending a protest, to writing to politicians, to something as simply as passing the truth on in conversation with their friends, every little bit counted.

But make no mistake: this is far from over. The destructive Renewable Energy Target remains on the books, pushing up prices and hurting families and businesses.  Millions and millions of taxpayer dollars remain wasted on 'green subsidies', and green tape keeps choking our businesses.

Earlier today, the multi-million dollar far-left GetUp!, in conjunction with Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society, Unions, and other radicals launched a new big-money campaign to turn back the clock and bring us back into the dark ages. They will stop at nothing. And we should always be on guard. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

With your help, we will continue to defend today's achievement and ensure that leftist elites will not be able to buy their way to victory. And we will fight to ensure today's achievement

Next week we will be launching a new campaign to abolish the Renewal Energy Target.

But we need your help to do it. Unlike GetUp!, we don't get millions of dollars. Almost all our funding comes from $25, $50, or $100 donations from ordinary Australians.

If you believe in defending today's achievement, and moving forward to abolish the Renewal Energy Target and green subsidies, click HERE to make that a reality.

This is not the only challenge we face. An obstructionist senate opposed to cuts in wasteful spending, a media that cheerleads for the far left, and a government at at times seems too timid to do the right thing, are all challenges we face.

But the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance will always be here fighting for what is right.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort, without which none of this would have been possible.

Today, we took the first step to reclaiming Australia. Working together, let us take many more.

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