The Explosion In Government Size Under Rudd/Gillard/Rudd

Dr Julie Novak from the Institute of public affairs is absolutely spot on in this must-read article in today's Australian on the growth of government in the last 5 years (paywall protected).

An extract:
As indicated in the recent economic statement, aggregate tax and non-tax receipts rose from about $295bn in 2007-08 to about $350bn in 2011-12...Over the past six years, a raft of new and increased taxes, fees and charges have been introduced, including new taxes on carbon dioxide, coal, iron ore and alcopops; increasing taxes on tobacco, ethanol, LPG, luxury cars, superannuation, and income tax surcharges; and rising visa application fees...

As a share of GDP, federal government spending increased from 23.8 per cent to 25.7 per cent. Some of the major contributors towards this spending growth were in non-constitutional areas of responsibility such as transport, housing, education and health.

Taxpayers should know that interest payments on commonwealth government debt increased from less than $4bn in 2007-08 to about $11bn in 2011-12, exceeding the entire transport and communications budget of about $9bn...

In the long run, we are consigned to pay the bills and clean up the economic mess that political spendthrifts and regulatory zealots leave behind.

Issues concerning the size and scope of government matter, and ought to be top of the agenda this election campaign.

Read the whole thing. 




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