The Great Interactive Taxing Game

Learn Liberty released a fun new video today with Professor Art Carden from Samford University about what happens when government raises taxes.

Viewers will be able to "pick their own adventure" and choose which group they want to tax. Based on which group you choose, you're led to another short video explaining the consequences of taxing that group.

So if you were a government official trying to raise revenue, would you choose to levy taxes on gas, on smokers, or on luxury goods? How would these taxes turn out? Prof. Carden explains that it is important to consider whether the consumer or the producer of a product is more likely to bear the burden of the taxes. Choose wisely and see what happens.

Although produced in the United States, this is directly relevant to Australia and covers topics such as increasing lifestyle taxes such as on tobacco (as recently announced by Kevin Rudd), on "luxuries" (Labor hiked the "luxury car tax", and also on petral (which, of course, is skyrocketting in Australia due to huge taxes)

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