The Unexpected Cost of Windpower

South Australia has the highest electricity bills, the highest unemployment, the highest amount of disconnections. This is apparently no coincidence, thank to the counter-productive capacity of wind power.

Known to “draw more power out than they bring in” shows just how “unreliable and ­intermittent wind power is for a state with a renewable ­energy mix of more than 40%.”

This has led to a massive unprecedented price surge in the cost of electricity, going as high as $1000 per megawatt in an hour to even $14,000 per megawattsin an hour.

This prompted an “emergency response” from the SA government to ask an energy company ENGIE to switch its Pelican Point gas power station back on.

It is a dire state of affairs when reliable and affordable electricity for South Australians are put on hold for hollow, ill thought of renewable energy policies.

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