Upcoming Pro-Liberty Events

We have a bumper crop of pro-liberty events occurring the next two weeks for which I hope you'll be able to join us!

Liberty On The Rocks Melbourne Launch
The Australian Taxpayer's Alliance is proud to announce the launch of the first ever Australian chapters of Liberty on the Rocks, an international network of social groups for liberty! Liberty on the Rocks seeks to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and non-partisan social gathering for anyone with an interest in free markets and individual liberty. There are no speakers and no lectures, just great conversation and great company.

Time: 7:00pm
Date: Wednesday, 3 April
PlaceTurf Bar, 131 Queen Street, Melbourne
RSVP: melbourne@libertyontherocks.org 

Joint Event: Sydney First Friday Freedom Drinks & ALS Friedman Conference Pre-Drinks

Join special guests Dr Tom Palmer, Professor Sinclair Davidson, Tim Wilson and Chris Berg for this very very special First Friday Freedom Drinks combined with pre-drinks for the ALS Friedman Conference! First Friday is Sydney's only nonpartisan monthly social gathering of centre-right professionals, and the concept of is simple. On the First Friday of every month, like-minded professionals from the pro-liberty side of politics meet up for a drink to discuss politics, policy and anything else in an informal social setting. There are no guest speakers, no lecturers or presentations, just fine company and good conversation. Whether you work in politics or just have an avid interest, whether you consider yourself conservative, libertarian, classical liberal, or simply centre-right, or whether you'd simply wish to develop your professional networks, this is your opportunity to meet with like minded persons, develop your contacts, and have a good time!

Time: 6:00pm till late
Date: Friday, 5 April
Place: Level 4, Sydney City RSL, 565 George St, Sydney
RSVP: events@taxpayers.org.au Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference

Come and join us in Sydney for the 1st ALS Friedman Conference -- listen to some of the best and brightest national and international speakers, meet other libertarians, and enjoy a fun-filled weekend of learning, friendship and the inevitable arguing that comes from putting more than one libertarian in a room at the same time. :)

Special guest speaker is Dr Tom Palmer from the Atlas Network and Cato Institute in the USA.

Other guest speakers include Cassandra Wilkinson, Prof Sinclair Davidson, Dr Eric Crampton, Adam Creighton, Prof Jason Potts, the Hon Dr Gary Johns, Dr Ben O'Neil, the Hon Dr Peter Phelps MLC, Dr Michael Keane, Chris Berg, Dr Jeremy Shearmur, Tim Wilson, Dr Charles Richardson, Cr Clinton Mead, David Russell AM QC, Jennifer Buckingham, and many more.

Date: 6-7 April
Venue: Level 3, Sydney City RSL, 565 George St, Sydney
Speaker Details: https://www.taxpayers.org.au/conference-speakers/
Schedule: http://blog.libertarian.org.au/2013/02/13/libertarian-conference-schedule/
Registration: http://www.taxpayers.org.au/events

The Great Debate: Dr Tom Palmer vs Professor Frank Stilwell On The Morality of Capitalism

Join world famous libertarian author and philosopher Dr Tom Palmer and Australia's most prominent Marxist political economist,  Emeritus Professor Frank Stilwell of the Department of Political Economy for a debate on The Morality of Capitalism.  This event is a MUST for anyone interested in political economy, philosophy, economics, or the fundamental underpinnings of a free society!

Time: 1:00pm
Date: Monday, 8 April
Place: New Law School Annexe SR 440, University of Sydney
RSVP: events@taxpayers.org.au

What Is Libertarianism?  

What is libertarianism?
What are the fundamental principles of the free market and a free society?
What is the morality of capitalism?

Join special guest Dr. Tom Palmer from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation & the Cato Institute in Washington DC deliver a special student address at the University of New South Wales!

Tom Palmer is one of the world's foremost proponents of libertarian thought. From smuggling books into the old USSR, to spreading liberty today in Africa and the Middle East, Dr Palmer is one of the most articulate speakers and presenters of the philosophy of freedom.

Time: 1:00pm
Date: Tuesdday, 7 April
Place: AIR Room, The Roundhouse, University of New South Wales
RSVP: events@taxpayers.org.au

The Morality Of Capitalism: What La Trobe Professors Won't Tell You!

Join world famous author and philosopher Dr Tom Palmer at La Trobe for this special student presentation on how true free market capitalism is the only just and moral system!

Come, make new friends, be stimulated and engage in debate for what is an event not to be missed!

Time: 1:00pm
Date: Wednesday, 8 April
Place: La Trobe University, Room TBA
RSVP: events@taxpayers.org.au

Dr Tom Palmer at the University of Queensland


Friedman Dinner: After The Welfare State

Dr Tom Palmer will be talking about his latest book, After The Welfare State about the welfare state and civil society

Time: 1:00pm
Date: Wednesday, 8 April
Place: La Trobe University, Room TBA
RSVP: john.humphreys99@gmail.com

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