URGENT: Help Stop Taxpayer Funded Political Propaganda

The Federal Government is about to pass a new law giving MILLIONS of our hard earned tax dollars to political parties.

That's right. Millions of dollars. Of our taxes.

But we can stop this. The vote is on a knife-edge. The Coalition - who previously said they won't oppose the legislation - now say they may block it.


In the 2010 election, over $50 million of our tax dollars went straight into the pockets of political parties. If passed, this bill will make the problem worse. Much worse.

The reason for this Bill was made clear by Anthony Albanese who told Labor Caucus:
"The party’s broke and we need the money”.

This is unacceptable. There is NO excuse for our tax dollars to pay for party political ads. It doesn't matter what side of politics you are on: this is flat out wrong.

The coalition has said they will probably block this legislation (after first supporting it)  but your support is VITAL to making sure it is defeated.

If enough Canberra politicians hear that Australians say NO to more snout-in-the-trough behaviour from the political classes.

PLEASE use our online action portal below to contact your MP and DEMAND NO MORE RORTS!

In 2010, the Australian Greens received $7 million in our taxes. Labor received $24 million, and the Coalition $21m. Can anyone in their right mind think MORE taxpayer funded political propaganda is a good thing?

If you care about our democracy, please take the 2 minutes to contact your MP and say NO to this outrageous cash-grab by the Federal Government.

If enough people contact their MP's, this WILL be defeated. But we need your help to do so.

Please visit our online action portal below and say: NO MORE!

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