Vexnews Reports On Our Launch

Vexnews, an independent Melbourne-based news website, just filed a report on our launch.

Here's are a few extracts:

"At least one enterprising, bright young conservative Tim Andrews wants a piece of shaping the future.

Andrews has come back from Washington DC where he worked with some of the biggest names in conservative politics, like Grover Norquist, and learned a great deal about building grass-roots political action.

From great distance, chronicled by The Spectator (in a piece commissioned by ‘The Monthly’ but spiked because it wasn’t negative enough), Andrews did much to organise community rallies against the carbon tax...

We think Tim and his team are set to fill a really important void in Australian politics. Grass-roots organising, non-political party or vested interest motivated advocacy on the conservative side of politics is an idea whose time has well and truly come in Australia....

Andrews, with his strong political connections on the conservative side, and the skills he’s gained in DC the past few years, is ideally placed to make the Taxpayers Alliance a great success while keeping it in the political mainstream.

Amply demonstrating his reach in the mainstream world was the presence of notables like former Senator Nick Minchin, Liberal powerbroker and Aston Martin driver Michael Kroger, HSU boss Kathy Jackson’s personal lawyer from the HR Nicholls Society Stuart Wood SC, Opposition Senate Leader Eric Abetz, Keith Windschuttle, Professor David Flint and the wonderful Sydney columnist Miranda Devine. We did but see her passing by. Labor’s Cassandra Wilkinson also put in an appearance, hoping to build a coalition of the willing against the lamentable, shrill, extreme and smarmy lefty Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore.

The charming editor of the Spectator, Tom Switzer, did the honours at the launch, loudly applauded by the appreciative crowd as one of the early critical canaries in the carbon-tax coal-mine. Appeasement on this issue has made Liberal pro-carbon-tax folks like Malcolm Turnbull as popular as the cursed memory of Neville Chamberlain. Some guests muttered darkly to me that they hoped Turnbull would join the Labor party...

The only thing attracting more hostility from the crowd in the Strangers’ Dining Room than Turnbull was the wheelbarrow of tax legislation dramatically brought into the room during Tim Andrews’ introductory remarks.

The ATA’s website makes it clear they are not to be a think-tank but a do-tank. Community action with a conservative twist. It could well become a potent force, if executed well.

So the question, a genuinely open one given how little Abbott will have to promise in order to win the next poll, what kind of government will the next one be, will almost certainly be partly answered by Tim Andrews, who will drive a conservative vehicle for giving expression to and shaping community opinion with people power.

And his commitment is philosophical, not party political. His twin passions seem to be to ensure that this Labor government is defeated and that the next Liberal government is true to limited government principles. With Tony Abbott’s seemingly Scandinavian-inspired policies on some issues, the Taxpayers Alliance could play an important role and offer a strong alternate voice to the next government’s approach.

We think you’ll be hearing from them real soon."

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